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Ultherapy Spa Series Gravity Face Lifting Therapy Pack
  • Ultherapy Spa Series Gravity Face Lifting Therapy Pack
Ultherapy Spa Series Gravity Face Lifting Therapy Pack - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Complete Natural Ultherapy solutions spa product selections provide the same result in collagen synthesis with the added benefit of skin lightening and blotch removal. It counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin non-surgically. You can control gravity with chemical Ultherapy Skincare products a completely non-invasive way to get a firming facial lift, that leverages your body’s own self-healing to stimulate collagen production—the proteins responsible for full, smooth skin. 

This regimen is recommended to use once a year

  1. 120ml Episomal Peel Complex
  2. 120ml Glycolic Kojic Peel W/HQ
  3. 120ml Liquid Laser Resurfacing Peel
  4. 120ml Pre-Post Peel Age Reversal Cleanser
  5. 120ml Chemical Peel Neutralizer pH Modifier
  6. 60ml Post Peel Whitening Fluid Moisture
  7. 60 Ml Pre and Post Peel Numbing Gel
  8. 30ml Zalicol Niacinamide Spot Serum

Direction: Use the Age Reversal Cleanser before and after the skin peel procedure, and once a day afterward.

Apply the numbing gel 10 minutes prior to skin peel and after treatment is completed and one Iml for the next 24 hours till the skin recovers, to prevent swelling.

Use the chemical peel neutralizer after rinsing off the peel to rebalance the skin and prevent further skin processing.

Post peel whitening fluid provides extra moisture and prevents skin re-darkening. Prime the skin with just 1ml drop of the chemical peel neutralizer prior to using the Post peel whitening fluid for the best result,

Use Zalicol in areas of deep dark spots and scars to keep the skin youthful.

The Chemical peel of choice to use for the procedure would depend on your choice and choice of your clients and the skin type you are peeling.

Qty: 1 set

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