Clothing Company for Sale in Dallas Texas USA

Women`s Apparel Manufacturing and Retail Store for Sale

Quality garment designers, fabrics, and apparel manufacturing company, for sale in Dallas Texas, the United States. Rapheeze clothing retail company is relocating to another country, closing their Dallas Texas stores. All inventories, sewing machines, store racks, counters, cash registers, SEO optimized websites, POS systems, store cameras, display shelves, and store fixtures, are available for sale at one bulk price. All offers will be greatly considered.
They operate full-service manufacturing, and distribution industry, manufacturing ethnic garments and fashion accessories for men and women of all ages.  A truckload of assorted fabrics, not displayed on their websites for making suits, men and women wears, are all in stock. Other African fabrics, genuine leather handbags, beach handbags sandals, jewelry, jewelry accessories, stones, pearls, beads, ropes, ornaments, and much more not displayed on the website are included in the sale. 
Their clothing fabrics are infused with UV 55 protection technology, to protect the skin from sun damage. The clothing materials are wrinkle-free and fade-resistant, guaranteed to remain the same any time, any year when cared for as directed.  The cotton materials are organically grown, hypo-allergenic, with temperature regulated system, that auto-adjust to climate conditions. 
They are a one-stop manufacturing factory created for New Age entrepreneurs, and businesses, who desire to develop new brands or expand their existing collections.  
Rapheeze will introduce their clothing design team to the new owner, their distributors, Macy's store buyers, and Nordstrom store buyers in the United States and Canada for continuous sale, without the hassles of marketing a new or fresh startup business.
Some of the distributors buying from Rapheeze are the wholesale fabrics Suppliers for African wax prints, printed color block fabrics, original hollandaise fabrics, Ghana Kente fabrics, cord laces, voile cord laces, and embroidered fabrics. They manufacture and distribute in wholesale trendy ethnic fashions, embroidery clothing, maxi skirts, long skirts, new designer fashions, long dresses, new fashion plus sizes, African clothes, African jewelry, jewelry accessories, and ethnic beads.   
They are members of the World Trade American Chamber of Commerce, offering guaranteed delivery of exported merchandise to all countries. They have one of the most trusted and SEO-optimized robust websites, that has always worked for the success of retailers. They made sure to keep clothing stocks up to date with the trendy and finest clothing. 
They have expertise in all categories, and launch new styles every year, to catch up with new fashion trends.   Rapheeze will continue to support and train the new management staff even after the company transfer till they become comfortable operating alone. 
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U.S.A FDA Registered Minoxidil Manufacturing Laboratory

U.S.A Laboratory for Minoxidil Hair Loss Product Manufacturing

FDA Registered and GMP Certified Chemists

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories is the No.1 USA minoxidil manufacturer, formulating original minoxidil products, topical Spironolactone products for hair loss treatments, topical solutions of finasteride for severe hair loss treatments, offering private label services on minoxidil foams and gel products.

Raphe Pharmaceutique laboratories manufacture topical, Dutasteride, and the new RU-58841 androgen receptor blocker, a topical ingredient for acne, androgen-mediated hair loss at (5% v/v). The product of choice for acne-prone skin, the most potent inhibitor of the sebaceous gland.

Raphe formulates hair loss treatment blend with natural herbal extracts, Peptide blends with Biotin, Ginseng Panax solutions for hair loss treatment and prevention, spironolactone blend with herbal extracts for ingrown female facial hair. Other contract manufactured and private label product formulations they offer are pain relief comfort gels, anti-bacterial anti-fungal preparations, natural skin bleaching, and depigmenting agents.

Raphe Pharmaceutique laboratory OTC drug products are produced under cGMP manufacturing standards and regulations with professionally trained scientists. FDA registered and state-licensed facility. Whether it`s a small project or a large formulation project, Raphe offers flexible solutions that enable companies to move their brands through each phase with efficiency and speed. Their early development solutions overcome complex formulation challenges such as bioavailability, solubility, and stability processes, navigating complex regulatory environment, build success for brands and enable commercial distribution to store, shorten timelines to getting to the market quicker.

Raphe conducts early stages of ingredients tests to define and establish product requirements and specifications. Conducts verification and validation testing essential to confirm that their products meet those specifications and its intended use for all Minoxidil, Finasteride, spironolactone, and hair loss treatment products, acne treatments and skin bleaching agents they manufacture.

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories provide high-quality drug products to support the pursuit of regulatory approval, offering fit-for-purpose formulations for studies and a comprehensive range of finished forms. Raphe`s robust solutions include Hair loss product manufacturing at all scales, topical solutions with sustained bioavailability, quality design and product development, analytical and stability testing on finished products, Batch Registrations and, documentation for regulatory submissions.

Distributors has access to a range of formulation samples for evaluation purposes prior to final packaging. Each of Raphe`s development and manufacturing staffs are cGMP certified clinical experienced, provides fully integrated and customizable solutions that will drive speed, flexibility, and a streamlined supply chain.  All products they manufacture are evaluated for stability, efficacy, and shelf-life prior to distribution.

For contract manufacturing or private label of any hair loss product visit Healthcareprivatelabel

3 Sure Fire Tips For Clearing Skin Age Spots

You must have a product with anti oxidant constituents. Therefore, to avoid all this, choose only natural skin whitening cream. When weather gets hot, it really is prone to small pimple especially oily skin.

Instant skin whitening, facial rejuvenation collagen mask, acne mask, best acne facial treatment, best skin lightening mask, Let's face it we all age and that fact causes all of us to show our age at sometime or another. For some it begins to happen
when they hit thirty, for some it begins as late as sixties or seventies.
There is still one big problem with these methods - They do not prevent new spots from forming. The ideal solution is to use a Best skin whiteners for African skin that can reduce the melanin content in our skin and lighten it naturally.
A good face whitening cream is available for those who want to have whiter skin. But if you want to use the product make sure to use one with the benefits of making your skin appear younger and does not irritate your skin.

Read the ingredients label. Every manufacturer is bound by law to publish the list of ingredients present in the product. Next timeyou are out to buy some product, pay more attention to the ingredient list.There are big brands in the market and everyone is touting its products to be the best. But in order to select the best Whitening creams for flawless skin for your covering, you should always look at the ingredients and not the brand. Sometimes big brands may not work for your covering while a
low-priced product can work wonders.

Vitamins are not only needed by our body but it is also needed by our skin. Most women today look into beauty treatments,
Asian skin whitening products treatments and supplements with the goal of acquiring youthful radiance and glow from vitamins for the skin. In fact, 8 out of 10 women discuss about this with a dermatologist.

5) The best whitener in your kitchen is undoubtedly gram flour. Make a paste by adding a few drops of milk, a few drops of lemon juice and a good pinch of turmeric powder in the gram flour. Then you will have to apply the paste on your face. When you apply the paste make sure you spread the paste over your face evenly. Let the mask dry out completely. Next scrub off the mask. You will need to apply a bit of aloe vera gel or shea butter to make sure your skin is free from the irritation.The gram flour whitener will show positive results in a couple of weeks.

If you also want to keep a very healthy skin inside out, you should start the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day.Then, supplement it with a daily dose of Glutathione and vitamin C as well because this is proven to enhance skin complexion. Choose the liposomal formula over the regular for fast absorption. All these tips will certainly help you get a fairer skin complexion. Hope you enjoy skin whitening tips article here.

After these steps, just apply some sun block lotion. Indeed, pregnancy brings of a lot of changes in the woman's self. Look for:

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Alternative Therapy Choices For Age Spots

They also make or sell some thing called Snake Serum. A good Thai girl worth her weight in gold wouldn't even consider buyinga beauty product it doesn't lighten her skin. Go for the natural ingredients as much as possible.

Instant skin whitening, facial rejuvenation collagen mask, acne mask, best acne facial treatment, best skin lightening mask
Skin spots are often caused by too much sun exposure, skin trauma or hormones. The most common spots of all are the
agespots which usually start to begin appearing once a person is over forty years old. They tend to be caused by the sun
butover a period of years. They won't just pop up due to one day it the sun, rather they'll appear to those who spend their
livesunder it.
One will find many different sources from where one can buy Best skin whiteners for African skin. If you have a computer
withnet access, you can go to a good website to buy an effective skin brightening cream. Before buying any creams, you
shouldfirst check the price of the product.Consumers might get the item just from a dependable internet site that offers the
An effective anti aging cream should also contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to reverse the signs of aging and restore the
skinto a healthier look and feel.
Avocado Oil is an edible oil which has great regenerative and moisturizing properties. It is rich in vitamins and plant steroids
alsoknown as sterolins. It helps heal sun damage and is a known and proven way to fade age spots. Additionally it keeps
theskin moisturized, soft and supple.
Brands are not important, ingredients make all the difference. Whitening creams for flawless skin has been researched long
enoughto be sure that certain substances have a positive effect, while others can do the opposite.
Mix these two ingredients well and apply it all over the area where age spots are located. What makes this a great anti
agingremedy is that lemon juice infuses Vitamin C in the dermis. Vitamin C can help curtail the excessive production of
melanin.It also has Asian skin whitening products benefits. Lemon juice is also a great source of AHA so it works in making
theskin look softer and more vibrant.
If you come across any chemical ingredient on the ingredients list then be sure that the product is not good and is not worth
themoney that you are spending. You should go only for a product that consists of natural ingredients only.
If you also want to keep a very healthy skin inside out, you should start the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every
day.Then, supplement it with a daily dose of vitamin C as well because this is proven to enhance skin complexion. All these
tips will certainly help you get a fairer skin complexion. Hope you enjoy skin whitening tips article here.