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Q: How long does it take to see result?

A: It depends on your skin, everyone is different and people responds differently to same regimen. Our product description is based on the the proven fact about the ingredients and result seen with volunteer testers. We therefore do not make any guarantee that what works for one person will work for the entire population. This is the reason we have varieties of products made with different ingredients, so you can always make your own individualized research on what is best for you.

Q: Which of your product is the best and fastest skin whitener?

A: All products are at their maximum potency, non of them is stronger than the other. You could however purchase the Alpha hydroxy quinone ingredient or the Tyrosinase Inhibiting Enzyme ingredient to help facilitate the effect of your product at 50% concentration.

Q: I was seeing result but for some days, looks like am darkening?

A: The skin receptors or any other receptor will downregulate after constant exposure to same agent. It`s time to change to a new product line to allow your skin time to rebulid new protein receptors for the former product.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please click here for details

Q: Do you offer Private label?

A: Yes, please see our private label detail page by clicking here

Q: Do you ship international, I live outside the United States?

A: Yes we ship worldwide. For item less than 4lbs, you may select 10-14 days shipping or express shipment. With parcel over 4lbs, we will contact you if additional charge is required for shipment. Sometimes DHL or USPS Express will charge additional fees for home deliveries in remote area, we will confirm shipping rate before processing your order.

Q: I am pregnant, can I use your products?

A: We advise Pregnant and nursing mothers, anyone with medical condition to always consult their physician before using any skin care products, or dietary products. Non of our products have been tested in pregnant humans, and cannot be used in making any medical evaluations.

Q: Do you offer business credit?

A: Yes we offer 12 months installment payment on approved business vendors and frenchise

Q: I would like to open a skin care manufacturing lab, do you offer training

A: Yes we can help you set up your manufacturing plant to comply with regulation and authority requirements