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Skin Whitening Lipo-Glutathione Capsule Powder 100g - 6pcs
  • Skin Whitening Lipo-Glutathione Capsule Powder 100g - 6pcs
  • Skin Whitening Lipo-Glutathione Capsule Powder 100g - 6pcs
  • Skin Whitening Lipo-Glutathione Capsule Powder 100g - 6pcs
Skin Whitening Lipo-Glutathione Capsule Powder 100g - 6pcs - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

A Liposomal Glutathione Vitamin C 90capsule Powder Of 100G Per Bottle

  • Raphe Food Science Lab capsulated Reduced L-Glutathione and Vitamin C with bolus of liposomes at high milligrams to enhance cellular delivery & protection. And Also To Quickly Aid in Skin Lightening, Neutralize Melanin Production, Boost Immune System and Protect From Free Radical Oxidation. Skin Clarity and Brilliance is Achieved From "Within" Leading to Long Term Clear Healthy Whitened Skin Without Fluctuation Of Skin Color.
  • Raphe glutathione-C powder supplement is encapsulated with liposomal glycolipids to enhance efficacy and increase other health benefits. These natural pill powder may help: - Prevent melanin synthesis - Prevent acne and pimples - Improve skin texture and tone - Tighten skin pores
  • We encapsulated Vitamin C with liposomes to helps boost the effect of Glutathione as well. These ingredients enhance the effects of each other in delivering excellent whitening results and other health benefits. Liposomal-Glutathione may help prevents darkening of the skin and helps reduce pigmentation. It also protects the cells from destruction brought about by free radicals and helps in preventing acne formation and keep skin healthy and glowing.
  • Ingredients: Liposomal Glutathione, and Liposomal Vitamin C 2000mg per serving of approximately 1 scoop of the 2.5cc spoon provided inside the bottle. Each bottled Lipoglutathione-C powder will give you 200 capsules of 500mg per 00 capsule. Research on other life power of liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Glutathione prior to purchase.
  • We no longer capsulate these whitening pills in capsules to enhance absorption and for fast delivery to appropriate receptors. If you need empty capsules, indicate at the comment box at check out and we will include 200 of 00 size empty capsules. Each capsule will weigh about 500mg when correctly filled. Powder Quantity: 1 Bottle of 100G Powder or 200 capsules. Taste: Pleasant

Liposomal encapsulated glutathione and vitamin C is more effective in cellular melanin depigmenting process and other health benefit than bare glutathione and vitamin C, because of its high bioavailability. Take 1 scoop of the 2.5cc spoon included equivalent to 2000mg maximum potency per serving mixed in full glass of water or juice before meal. For maximum benefit, this dietary supplement must be used together with other skin whitening topical application. It is an oral cosmetics and dietary supplement. Do not use in diagnosing or treating any medical condition. Consult your physician before using any dietary supplement.

Quantity: 6pcs