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Skin Bleaching Hands and Feet Treatment Solution 10lbs
  • Skin Bleaching Hands and Feet Treatment Solution 10lbs
Skin Bleaching Hands and Feet Treatment Solution 10lbs - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Black and white bleaching gel for damaged hands and knuckles. If you do not know how chemical peels work, please do not purchase this item because it works like chemical peel but much deeper with sustained clarity. You will not be happy with this product if you have never used chemical peel. Hands and feet will appear shrinky, dull and darker from the 3rd to 4th day of use prior to lifting and clearing. The skin lifting process will start about the 10-12 days after treatment. The skin WILL NOT lift if not followed up with the body bleach scrub and bleach oil twice daily.

 Please do not purchase this item without looking at the fotos of the hands showing how your hands will look like using this product. This product MUST be followed up with the body bleaching scrub and bleach oil. Your skin will not clear if not used as directed. Start using the body bleaching scrub the next day and the bleach oil twice a day after applying the hands and feet gel corrector.

Directions: Cleanse with the powder wash, apply up to 3 coats generously over the desired area with deep gentle scrub. Allow few seconds of absorption before applying the second and third coat using cotton wool or soft pad. Do this twice a day only for one (1) day, and discontinue the use to resume the next month if needed. Skin will start looking dull and darker cells will shrink and lift for 14-21days. See fotos of as described.

 Active Ingredients: Mixed hydrosols, Polyphenol, Vanillic acid, Hydroxycinnamic acid. Result vary based on skin type.