Collection Of Home & Spa Professional Facial Formula-Hydraderm XR - 2 kits
  • Collection Of Home & Spa Professional Facial Formula-Hydraderm XR - 2 kits
  • Collection Of Home & Spa Professional Facial Formula-Hydraderm XR - 2 kits
Collection Of Home & Spa Professional Facial Formula-Hydraderm XR - 2 kits - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Raphe brings a revolutionary concept that changed the practice of professional skin care. The HydraDerm Professional Spa Formula is a rejuvenating system alternative to chemical peel for all skin types with no down time eliminating the consistent damage to the epidermis seen in chemical peels yet achieving an ultra optimal result in just one application.

The HydraDerm Professional Facial Spa kit contains:

  1. 30ml Tyrosinase Inhibitor 
  2. 60ml Zalicol Whitening or  4oz Whitening Peel Complex
  3. 60ml LIPO-EGF/IGF Serum
  4. 60ml Pure Hyaluronic-Caviar Serum
  5. Anti-aging Gel in Vibrasonic Applicator equipment
  6. 120ml Age Reversal Cleanser
  7. 30ml ph Neutralizer.

Direction: After cleansing with the free Deep Pore Hydrating Wash provided, treatment is followed by the application of two coats of Tyrosinase Inhibitor using a facial foam pad at 10 seconds intervals. Allow up to 5 minutes of absorption apply one coat of the Zalicol Whitener solution or whitening peel complex,, massage thoroughly and leave in for 30 to 40 minutes or as tolerated.

The treatment may be left-in for thirty to forty-five minutes before neutralizing the skin with the pH Neutralizer Gel or rinsed off if not tolerated. Properly dry the skin and follow up with the Pure Hyaluronic Caviar Gel (am) and Lipo-EGF/IGF serum (pm). Continue using Hyaluronic-Caviar gel and Lipo-EGF/IGF serum on daily basis. Severely darkened skin may use Zalicol and Tyrosinase treatment twice or 3X per week.

Normal skin will use Tyrosinase Inhibitor & Zalicol Whitening on a once-a-week basis with Pure Hyaluronic Caviar and Lipo-EGF/IGF serum on a continual basis daily basis.

Whitening Solution. Tyrosinase inhibitor is a proprietary blend of active enzymes and ingredients that halt the synthesis of pigments and melanin from the dermal layer, while Zalicol Whitening Solution is a concentrated solution of Niacinamide and Salicylic acid that prevents the formation of sebum, scars, and black spots.

Anti-Aging Gel in Vibrasonic Applicator equipment is a 12ml Acetyl Hexapeptide Concentrate liquid with Skin Lightening Effect. Use for the added benefit of wrinkle and fine line reversal. Click here for the details,,

HydraDerm Professional Spa Formula is very safe and does not burn the skin as traditional peel treatment does. The active ingredients remain to provide longevity in repair and restoration. A warm sensation may be experienced in some sensitive skin during the application of Tyrosinase Inhibitor & Zalicol for about sixty seconds, but most skin experience little or no peeling.

This Spa formula should not be used by pregnant/nursing mothers, or in anyone allergic to salicylic acid or Niacinamide. Should not be used in diagnosing or curing any medical condition. 

Results and duration vary. 3 to 6 months of treatment may be required for some skin types. Each kit will give approximately 2 treatments per month. Not suitable for skin types with unrealistic expectations.

Quantity: 2 kist pack