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Private Label Details
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Private Label Details - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Before private labeling of any product, the company must use the product they want to private label, test it with other people and make sure they actually like the product and are satisfactisfied with the result before they can proceed with private label. The size anyone can purchase of the product of interest to do this with is 16oz or more. A sample of 5ml is not enough for one application and there is no way to evaluate result of a product with just one time application. So we do not sale samples of 5ml to test the product prior to private label

We understand that every company is different, but we do this to make sure our clients are well satisfied with the product before investing bulk money into it. This way, there is no regret when they finally decides to move forward.

Prices: Our full gallon is 140oz not 128oz as seen in regular gallons. To determine the private label price for any product, divide the gallon price by 140. This will give you the price of the product per 30ml. For instance: If a price of PIGMENT CORRECTOR is $850 per gallon, to get the unit private label price, you divide $850 by 140. This give you the private label price of $6.07 per 30ml bottle.

You may purchase in gallons and repack at home, or you may send us your bottles to fill and package for you. The cost of filling and packaging is 0.49c per bottle. We have no minimum quantity if you would send your bottles and packaging materials.

With 5000 or more quantity per product, you may take advantage of Our complete private label services which includes logo design, folded carton and packaging manufacturing, brochure inserts, website product information, high end acrylic airless bottles and jar, screen printing, hot-stamping, product certification and certificate of analysis. If you are exporting out of the United States, we also provide Certificate of free sale and export certificate from FDA and World Trade Center. We will send you model photos if you need models for your website and other marketing materials. We print your marketing post cards if you send us your files up to 500. If the product is medical, we will provide clinical studies conducted on the major ingredients we use in compounding the formula and government website where these research and clinical study trials are published for references. We also send you products to give out to your volunteer users for sampling before final packaging. You have the option of making the product the way you want, choice of fragrance and ingredients profile.

If we are to do everything from A-Z, the minimum quantity is 5000. Private label serums go in dropper glass bottles or airless pumps. We do not encourage acrylic bottles for serum. If your quantity is not up to 5000pcs, you can purchase the products in bulk and then package them at home or send us your bottles to fill for 49c each. When this is the case, there is no minimum quantity, you can buy any quantity you want. There is no minimum quantity for distributorship.