Customized Combo Products Discounted
  • Customized Combo Products Discounted
Customized Combo Products Discounted - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

This page allows you to purchase small units at discounted price before wholesale purchase. Each item listed requires minimum of 3pcs to 6pcs for the price of $129 with shipping. Items cannot be mismatched, each selected item must be minimum listed beside it. Click on each product to read detail information on it

Vitamin C-40% 60ml. Must be 6pcs 

Professional Use Vitamin C-25% 3pcs of the 4oz sizes

Liposomal Vitamin C-25% 60ml (6pcs)

Glutathione Hyaluronic Acid Serum 60ml (6pcs)

Hydro-Collagen Matrixyl Serum 60ml 6pcs

Hyaluronic Acid 50% Bleach Gel30ml(6pcs)

HP Bleach Oil (6pcs)

Triple Strength Depigmenting Cleanser 17oz (4pcs)

Swiss Clairderm Antiaging Brightener Plus 30ml Pigment Corrector (4pks)

Melasma Bleach With 30ml Whitening Peel Complex (4pks)

Extra Strength Pigment Spots Corrector 60ml(4pks)

Melanin Blocker Deactivating Enzymes 60ml (6pcs)

Upon checkout, indicate the item you are purchasing in the comment box. If you are ordering 2 different items, update quantity as 2, then indicate the two items you are buying for each with their minimum listed. CANNOT BE MIXED!!!. For example, if you wish to order HP bleach oil and Hyaluronic acid bleach gel, you will enter number 2, total will be $238.  In the comment box, you will request 6pcs of HP bleach oil and 6pcs Hyaluronic acid bleach gel. Please do not request products outside this list for this offer.