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Complete Mini Pack Of All In One Ultra Lightening Formula - 6pks
  • Complete Mini Pack Of All In One Ultra Lightening Formula - 6pks
Complete Mini Pack Of All In One Ultra Lightening Formula - 6pks - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
  •  of each itemThis pack features all you need for brilliant glowy skin in less than than usual. Use small amount first over a small portion of the skin and if tolerated, use on the entire area. If too strong, dilute with any oil or water prior to use.
  • Comes with Swiss Clairderm Whitening Milk 120ml, OTCRILUM 3D Extra strength whitening gel 30ml, Hyaluronic acid bleaching gel 30ml, Peel complex & skin whitening booster 30ml.
  • Direction: After cleansing with hydrating brightening cleanser, add small portion of the hyaluronic acid whitening gel to small amount of the Swiss Clairderm whitening milk, rub together on your palm and apply over face and neck during the day. At nightime, add small portion of the OTCrilum to Swiss Clairderm whitening milk and apply after cleansing with hydrating brightening cleanser.
  • The Hydrating Brightening Cleanser batch contains skin whitening grits for faster skin renewal and exfoliation. See individual product listing for detail ingredients list.
  • Must be used with the whitening powder wash or the Kojic acid body wash for the body. Mild sensation may occur with sensitive skin because product is very potent, dilute with water or any skin oil if so. 

For best result, this product must be used with any of Raphe`s whitening cleansers or body washes. The secret to enhanced skin brightening is the whitening washes, liquid or powder exfoliating washes. The bar soaps are not as good as liquid and powder soap because of lye content that discolor the skin.

Quantity: 6pcs of each item