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Raphe Healthcare Inc offers the most experienced health care laboratory in Dallas Texas. We are dedicated to the manufacture and private labeling skin and healthcare preparations for beauty needs. We are a non-prescription drug and food manufacturing laboratory. 

As part of our mission to contribute to human health, Raphe also offers select pharmaceutical ingredients — many derived from natural sources — that are safe, effective and cost-competitive. These include APIs with manufacturer’s Drug Master Files as well as pharmaceutical excipients. We provide topical and ingestible forms of pharmaceuticals for some of the most popular indications, including pain management, allergies, fungal control and cold/flu. Turn to us for your OTC manufacturing or for technology needed from start-to-finish of pharmaceutical development, from the active ingredient to the filling of capsules itself.

We manufacture best selection of non-prescription skin care products, OTC drugs, natural grade vitamins, weight management dietaries and bio-available nutritional supplements. With our state-of-the-art lab, over 7000 formulas to choose from, and the latest in health care technology, we are able to provide the highest quality preparations with the best consistency.   

Our facility is FDA registered, State Licensed and GMP certified for the products we manufacture.

Samples: Request any three 5ml samples upon check out of any product. Best way to contact us is by email: 

Expect a slight variation of color and fragrance with each batch as some ingredients concentration may be increased from time to time to meet the high quality potency we promised. The color of the product comes from the color of the ingredients used. If you need a batch to always be the same exact color and fragrance all the times, request a custom blend formula created just for you.

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